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Women Empowerment & Livelihood Program

Panna, Harda & Dewas

The goal of the program is to create an enabling environment for the community to understand and adopt sustainable and diverse livelihood practices including natural farming and allied agricultural practices such as dairy, poultry etc. To achieve this goal Samavesh is actively involved with setting up Self Help Groups (SHGs) of women for micro-credit purposes. The SHGs are also active in the social sphere too. They serve as the backbone for mobilizing members of the village level Women's Forums (Sakhi Manch), which takes up village level issues and activates the gram-sabha meetings.
At the level of women SHGs, members have accessed banks for loans for livelihood and other needs. Village level SHGs have been brought together to form Sakhi Manch. Women get financial independence through savings & loans from SHGs & develop Sakhi Manch to create effective representation on platforms such as GramSabha/Panchayat, SMCs and raise voices to solve their issues. Once aware of their strengths this group is able to approach and participate in Panchayat and GramSabha meetings to access benefits from various government schemes. In addition, the presence of the Sakhi Manch also helps to provide inputs for other village platforms such as the School, SMC, Anganwadi, PDS etc.

We have worked at different levels for community mobilisation with the objective of raising awareness and empowerment of members.

  • More than 5000 women organised through 400 SHGs & 85 Village Women's Forums (Sakhi Manch) and they get access to the govt schemes through Sakhi Manch.
  • We have provided benefits of different schemes to about 21382 beneficiaries in 120 villages of 3 districts (Panna, Harda & Dewas), including NREGA, Ujjawala Scheme, Ration from PDS, Ayushman Health Scheme, Ladli Laxmi Schemes and many more.
  • Women have started supporting and monitoring the functioning of Anganwadis as members of Matri Sahyogini Samiti.
  • Kitchen gardens were established in more than 2000 families in Panna, Harda & Dewas promoting skills amongst federation members to take up livelihood activities to enhance income, ensure food security & nutrition.
  • During covid, we are helping community members to apply for ration cards and other local benefits as an organised campaign.
  • 500 families from slum areas of Bhopal are in the process of getting ration cards.