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Out of school child in serious mood. Can you imagine what he is thinking?
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Education Program

Panna, Sagar, Bhopal, Dewas & Jhabua

Samavesh tries to develop integrated approaches that include academic support to schools, capacity building of community members to monitor quality of public facilities, and strengthening of governance structures. In addition, Samavesh works closely with government functionaries, such as school teachers and BRC and CRC members, to enhance their capacities and provide them a motivating environment. Samavesh has a long experience of working directly with government schools, as well as the surrounding communities. Organised as a community, parents of students are able to approach teachers at school and organise parent teacher meetings to discuss student performance and teaching-learning improvement. Parents are engaging in children's studies & preparing study corners at home. Middle school students are actively involved in the peer learning process at community learning center. Youths of youth groups from remote areas are excelling in various fields.
Presently Samavesh is implementing education program in five districts - Panna, Sagar, Bhopal, Dewas & Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh and reaches more than 2200 primary schools, covering over one lac children.

  • Samavesh upgraded Maths and Hindi learning skills of 64334 primary school children of 5 districts.
  • 72 BACs & CACs in Jhabua, Dewas & Sagar districts providing academic support to teachers for improving the learning of children.
  • In the pandemic, we managed to work through 385 community learning centers in 4 (Jhabua, Khategaon, Sagar, Bhopal) districts.
  • 750 local youths joined these learning centers voluntarily to teach primary school children.
  • We have developed Study and training material for Maths & Language teaching.
  • 809 teachers started using activity based learning methods in the classroom.
  • 3500 reading corners were developed at children's home at Sagar.

We share brief profiles of two creative initiatives by Samavesh. Our focus is two fold:

A. Quality education for young people through work with the government systems and in the community;
B. Economic and social empowerment of community so they actively lead their own progress;
The following are two innovative initiatives:
1. Program for ‘Academic Leadership and Supportive Supervision’ in government schools through the following strategies:

  • Capacity building of teachers to use activity based and child centered learning;
  • Strengthen educational administration through inputs to block and district education officers;
  • Strengthen School Management Committees to support government schools;
  • promote parent groups to create learning atmosphere at home;
  • This program is being implemented in district level project at Jhabua, covering 2000 primary schools, and reaching over one lac students; supported by Unicef, Bhopal; Also, Block level program at Rehli in Sagar district, in 150 government schools, supported by NSE, Mumbai.

2. Community Participation in Learning Centres at Bhopal:
  • Set up Activity Centres for art and crafts managed by young mentors:
  • Support active learning by primary students, guided by ‘Chote Guruji’;
  • In turn the Chote Guruji, who are students of middle and high schools, are tested and trained to work with young children; (200 Chote Gurujis being trained; each to work with 10-15 kids)
  • Formation of Mother groups to create learning atmosphere at home. (16 mother groups under formation)
  • Over 1000 primary school students reached through this community based learning program; Program running through 20 ‘Learning and Activity Centres’ in Bastis of Bhopal. The idea is to develop a sound model, which can then be taken forward through community initiative.